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Podiatry & Bio-Mechanics

Reduce pain, maintain patient mobility and function, and prevent any further complications.

Orthotics Fitting

Foot, heel and lower limb problems can have a significant impact on our day to day activities and the quality of life. A good assessment and podiatry service could solve these foot problems.

The aim of the service is to reduce pain, maintain patient mobility and function, and prevent any further complications.

bullet-blue.pngBiomechanical Podiatry

bullet-blue.pngNail Surgery

bullet-blue.pngChildren’s Podiatry

Our skilled and experienced podiatrist and chiropodist provide a wide range of treatments.

bullet-blue.pngFoot, heel and leg pain

bullet-blue.pngGeneral foot care - Verrucae, corns, calluses and fungal infections

bullet-blue.pngToe nail problems

bullet-blue.pngCutting toenails and treating nail problems

bullet-blue.pngRemoval of hard skin

bullet-blue.pngPlantar fasciitis

bullet-blue.pngFlat feet

bullet-blue.pngFoot disorders

bullet-blue.pngBunions and Toe deformities including Hammer toe


bullet-blue.pngAnkle sprains and strains

bullet-blue.pngPosture and biomechanical assessments

bullet-blue.pngPregnancy related foot problems

bullet-blue.pngOrthotic aids

bullet-blue.pngStress fractures

bullet-blue.pngShin splints

bullet-blue.pngGrowing pains

bullet-blue.pngLower limb arthritic problems

bullet-blue.pngDiabetes foot care

bullet-blue.pngFootwear advice

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