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Occupational Health

Specialist service to assess, treat & rehabilitate employees to allow them to return to work and function effectively.


Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions such as back pain and neck pain are one of the most commonly reported most expensive types of work-related illnesses. Many businesses have put an effective occupational health strategy in place to manage and prevent MSK conditions to save the organisation money in the long term.

At Xcel Health Phyiostherapy, we provide complete return to work solutions for all MSK conditions. These solutions blend seamlessly and support existing occupational health services. Through our bio-psychosocial approach our occupational physiotherapists can provide you with a specialist service to assess, treat and rehabilitate employees to allow them to return to work and function effectively. We work flexibly with each organisation to provide a service which matches your needs. This rapid occupational physiotherapy solution is a high quality and cost-effective service including:

What should I expect from an Occupational Health referral?

Occupational physiotherapy (on site)


Telephone triage


Work station assessments (including display screen evaluation)


Functional Restoration Programmes (FRP)/Work Hardening


Health promotion events


Our cost-effective solution can significantly reduce your MSK-related sickness rates with a typical return on investment of between £3 and £8 for every £1 spent. We provide easy and fast access to our team of highly trained occupational physiotherapists who offer early intervention. Our comprehensive management information reports provide you with extensive data on the health of your workforce and a cost analysis of your service.

You are in safe hands with our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with Health and Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy registrations. The occupational physiotherapist service is highly valued by the organisations we work with, improving employee wellbeing and satisfaction rates.

Workplace Assessment

Employers with more than 5 staff are required by law to undertake regular risk assessments of all employees who use display screen equipment (DSE) for more than one hour at a time during their working day.

In addition to legal compliance, DSE assessments can provide significant cost savings by reducing absence due to MSK disorders. Our occupational health team will undertake workplace assessments to help alleviate pain and support individuals to remain at, or return to, work safely. Workplace assessments are commonly requested in offices but can also benefit employees in a range of other working situations.

Desk Assessment

We recommend a desk assessment including DSE for anyone who feels that their workstation set up may be contributing to pain and discomfort particularly in the low back, neck or wrist. A desk assessment considers your ergonomic setup, employee’s situation, and organisation of work tasks to provide practical recommendations to improve comfort and reduce the risk of aggravating symptoms at work.

For an individual with an injury or disability, a desk assessment with an occupational physiotherapist is an ideal way to identify improvements in the workplace setup. These improvements include changes to the desk setup, the individual’s working patterns or recommendations for assistive technology such as special chairs to improve comfort.

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