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At Xcel Health, our goal is to get our clients back to health, allow them to regain their independence of movement and return them to a life free of pain, which is what they deserve! We want to fix your issues as soon as we can or catch them early to keep you out of the GP’s waiting room, off painkillers and allow you to get back to doing the things you love and were able to do before!



Vikki Hoggins
Kiara Hopkins
Alex Green
Katie Gurdler
David Brown
Martin Adams
Rachel Ivory
Vikki Hoggins

I was referred here after having a car accident last year. My appointments have all been great. The staff are welcoming,friendly and Knowledgeable. My neck is much improved and Anagha was great at helping me to work on my core strength. I wouldn't hesitate to go back here for any future issues.

Kiara Hopkins

I got referred to Xcel health after a car accident. They were amazing from start to finish. I saw a few different physio’s every one of them were incredible! Also the receptionist were one of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Thank you guys so much, me and my neck are feeling so much better! I’d be back in a heartbeat if any other problems occurred.

Alex Green

I would thoroughly recommend Xcel Health, who provide a very professional, helpful and friendly service. From my personal experiences Xavier provides very specific solutions and recovery stages for injuries which is exactly what you want! The receptionists are welcoming and always a pleasure to talk to, with no problems from any of the visits I have had.

Katie Gurdler

I was referred to Xcel Health through my vitality health insurance and have been having physio for a bad ankle sprain. They’ve been really great, I was seen within a couple of days of getting in contact with them! My ankle is definitely improving, I’ve had 3 weekly appointments so far. They have a magic ultrasound machine, can’t believe how quickly that reduced the the stiffness!

David Brown

Fantastic physio therapy we great company. Wouldn’t have recovered as I have if it wasn’t for these guys. Would highly recommend

Martin Adams

Was booked in with Xavier due to being involved in a care accident and I’m amazed with the work he’s been able to do on my back in such a short amount of time. Extremely friendly and polite. Would recommend to anyone looking for physio!

Rachel Ivory

So happy, I thought I would never get flexibility back in my foot but they assured me after weekly treatments it would come back and it did.





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