Most Common Pain Conditions Related To Work and the Role of Physiotherapy in Pain Management

Xavier July 19, 2019

During the course of our lives, we often face injuries which are consequently treated effectively till we can return to our daily lives. However, unbeknownst to us, certain postures and practices that we carry on during the course of the day, give rise to certain common pain conditions. They can easily be avoided if we are a bit more conscious about how we carry ourselves. Nevertheless, when they do occur, the condition might be debilitating. Yet, certain measures like visiting a physiotherapy clinic and seeing a physiotherapist can go a long way in providing relief. Some of the most pertinent pain related problems that we face at work are as follows:

Pain in the Limbs

This mostly plagues workers who are into jobs that require heavy lifting or handling bulky pieces of equipment on a regular basis. The peripheral nociceptors get activated due to tissue damage. When the pain refuses to subsided even after the requisite time for tissue healing has passed, that is when chronic pain has set in. Work related Upper Limb Disorder, Repetitive Strain Injury and Occupational Overuse Syndrome are some problems that regular physiotherapy sessions can fight effectively. Musculoskeletal disorders also results in intense pain in the shoulder, neck, lower back and limbs.

Back Pain

Back Pain often results from bad posture and it is one condition that can affect those who are involved in strenuous physical labor. As well as who have a completely sedentary lifestyle. Lifting heavy objects off the ground without adequate support can stretch the muscles to a breaking point and sitting for long hours in front of the computer does not provide any movement at all. Both are extreme conditions that should be avoided.


This condition is characterized by a lot of pain in the muscles in various parts of the body as well as in the bones. What is mostly agitating is that it is often misdiagnosed. There is pain and tenderness throughout the body and is also accompanied by fatigue. The best way to fight this is through extensive physiotherapy sessions when one area of the body is taken up one at a time and treated accordingly.

Upper Trapezius Muscle Activity

Unsupervised muscle contraction can give rise to too much muscle activity and often results in overuse injuries of the workers. When compared to those who work in a pain- free environment, investigation carried on using traditional occupational exposure measures and a modified active Amplitude Probability Distribution Function, it has been seen that the periods of muscle contractions are so intense that it results in chronic pain.


Tendinitis is a condition where the tendons of the muscles are inflamed and is mostly common in sports persons. Achilles Tendinitis, which affects the Achilles Tendon is a common condition but a combination of physiotherapy and adequate rest is enough to provide relief in the initial stages. Patellar Tendinitis is another form which affects those who play basket ball and volleyball. It mostly tends to occur in the ankles and elbows.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is mostly caused due to a pinched nerve in the wrist which might give rise to a tingling or a numbing sensation in the hand. This is likely to occur in table tennis or tennis players who hold the rackets firmly for long hours. It might also occur in those who are work on computers with the same hand or wrist posture. It is also known as median nerve compression.

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

This is a condition common mostly in the shoulder area and is mostly accompanied by a dull ache in the shoulders. An irritation or inflammation in the Bursa, a normally smooth tendon, is to be blamed for it. It can plague those who ball in cricket or those lift weights. Early physiotherapy sessions and the customized belt can give a lot of relief.

Ligament Sprain

Ligament is the tissue that connects the bones and joints. An injury of the ligament like its stretching or tearing is common in sportspersons. It happens frequently to athletes and also to those who might lift weights without distributing the burden properly on the various body parts. It is common condition and can be easily treated, but the patient needs to be in full rest without disturbing the ligament in any way during the recovery.

Return the heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure to the pre-training levels.

When you cool down for a span of around 10 minutes, you can limit the muscle soreness that occurs otherwise.

Considering that for most reducing work load is not an option in the workplace, Physiotherapy or Ergonomic Interventions are the next best thing to combat pain and help in pain management. Expert physiotherapists working out of registered physiotherapy clinics can help the patients attain - as well as retain - the optimum level of fitness by helping them fighting pain on a regular basis.

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