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Meet our Specialist Physiotherapist

Xavier Rajarathnam, MPT, MCSP, SRP.

Principal Physiotherapist & Independent non-medical Prescriber

Xavier has specialised in Orthopaedics, Sports injuries and Musculoskeletal Medicine for the last 20 years, during this time he has gained Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine, Injection therapy and more recently a Postgraduate certificate in Independent prescribing from prestigious Greenwich University.

Trained to master’s level, Xavier is able to bring together a unique array of clinical expertise including the traditional skills of manipulation, acupuncture, soft tissue mobilisations and sports rehabilition, with advanced practice skills such as injections therapy and independent medicine prescribing. He is able to perform joint injection therapy which adds a significant value to his practice. He was an advanced Physiotherapy practitioner in Orthopaedics for the past 10 years as a part of Community Orthopaedic Service in Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital.


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Xavier has special interest in Shoulder injury rehabilitation, Spinal mobilisation and managing running injuries. Xavier is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (ACPSEM), Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Orthopaedic Medicine & Injection Therapy (ACPOMIT) and Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapist (AACP).

He has trained many Physiotherapist and delivered many training programmes to local GPs and other healthcare professionals. Xavier is a keen cyclist who enjoys weight training and plays badminton in his spare time.

Meet Our Specialist

Mr. Ben Cassidy Osteopath

Ben Cassidy is a graduate of the world-renowned University College of Osteopathy in London. He works in private practice across the South East using a variety of structural and postural techniques, and is a lecturing assistant in Osteopathic Technique and Principles at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone. With a 20-year history of corporate work in the city, he is well placed to recognise and treat the common, and less common, symptoms of work-related strains and stresses.

A keen amateur sportsman, and qualified sports massage therapist, Ben has a deep knowledge of sports-related injuries and can offer advice on technique, rehab and injury prevention. He also has a special interest in the treatment of arthritis and arthritic joints.

Mr. Mihai G. Cioc MSc, MCSP

Mihai is a chartered physiotherapist who has diploma in musculoskeletal orthopaedic medicine and specialised in musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory disorders. He has also a holistic approach towards a full assessment as a whole of the patient and other skills as nutrition counselling and a very good understanding of psychological stress which increases the intensity of pain, stiffness and discomfort in physiotherapy related diagnosis. These extra skills together with the physiotherapy professionalism will lead the patient to a full recovery and why not - to a new and healthy lifestyle.

Trained to a master's level, Mihai can apply his knowledge and skills personalised to every patient. He uses soft tissue and (spinal) manipulation, mobilisation techniques, sports massage techniques, exercise therapy programmes and other ways of treatment together with a holistic approach. The patient gets assessed and treated as a whole with duty of care, education and advice in place. His practice is based on patient's needs for a full recovery, so the patient can go back to his/her initial life practices & hobbies totally pain-free.

He has five years of practice (three years in Romania hospital, gym and community settings - as chartered physiotherapist and two years in the UK as MSK specialised in private and NHS settings). He is always keen on learning and updating his knowledge and skills, also doing a lot of research.

Mihai has special interests in back and shoulder injury rehabilitation, knees and spinal mobilisations. He is a chartered physiotherapist, member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. His practice is based on hands-on techniques mostly.

Mihai enjoys weight training, HIIT and is a keen skier, diver, swimmer, cyclist, martial arts practitioner.

Mr.Junaid Hassan Msc, DPT, MCSP

Junaid is currently working as specialist Physiotherapist at Xcel Health after completing his masters degree in Advanced Physiotherapy practice from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). He has special interest in Upper limb & Lower limb injury rehabilitation. He has completed DPT (Doctor of physical therapy) with various clinical rotations before establishing special interest in the field of Musculoskeletal. He recently completed his Master’s Research Project from Sheffield Hallam University.

Junaid has a particular interest in the shoulder, elbow and hand (upper limb), Knee, ankle (Lower limb). He has a wide range of experience, with his area of interest being musculoskeletal and orthopaedics. He has gained experience working in treating different pathologies. Post-operative rehabilitation, Manual therapy of the upper limb, Exercise therapy, Chronic pain management and Ergonomic advice.

He is registered with Health and care Professional council(HCPC) & Member of chartered society of physiotherapy (CSP). He enjoy watching football in his spare time.

Bethany Carter

JBethany works for Xcel Health as our part time Evening and Weekend Receptionist.

Bethany is currently studying at sixth form. She is studying finance, business and photography. In the future Bethany is hoping to study at university towards a business degree.

Bethany enjoys spending time with her family and socialising with her friends in her spare time. Bethany is a friendly and helpful member of the team and will be here to welcome you to your appointments.

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